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RSH30100 Repair harmonic scalpel handpiece

RSH30100 Repair harmonic scalpel handpiece zoom
  • Repair service: handpiece for use with harmonic scalpel equipment.

  • Brand & Model(s)

    Ethicon EndoSurgery G300 - Generation 04, Generation III

  • OEM Reference(s)

    Ethicon HP054


RSH30100 Repair harmonic scalpel handpiece

RSH30100 is a repair service for the Harmonic Scalpel handpiece. This is an ultrasonic instrument that cuts and cauterizes at the same time, coagulates blood proteins at 55,000 Hz, and, operates at a much lower temperature than traditional surgical units.


Harmonic Scalpels are used in all types of open and laparoscopic procedures and are very similar to another ultrasonic technology called phaco emulsification. This handpiece has a similar type of components: four piezoelectric crystals, connector, cable, electrodes, o-rings and seals. Our repair procedure covers: complete disassembly of handpiece, discard cable, connector, crystals, electrodes and o-rings. We offer repair of all 3 generations of Ethicon harmonic scalpel and the new Blue hand piece. Please click here to see the complete list of repairable handpieces.