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PK65/15-700 ECG Holter Trunk Cable 5 leads

PK65/15-700 ECG Holter Trunk Cable 5 leads zoom
  • ECG trunk cable designed to provide precise electrocardiographic readings when used with the appropriate device.

  • Brand & Model(s)

    AIR 3000 Holter Recorder 2CH
    Braemar DL250 Holter Recorder
    Framar Biomedical 2 Ch Holter Recorder
    Heart Tec 2 Ch Holter Recorder
    MTM 2 Ch Holter Recorder
    PC Scientific 2 Ch Holter Recorder
    Rozinn Electronics 151 Holter (2Ch, 5 Ld)
    S-Pace Medical 2 Ch Holter Recorder

  • Number of leads