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RCA230M2 Repair Cusa handpiece

RCA230M2 Repair Cusa handpiece zoom
  • Repair service: handpiece for use with Cusa equipment..

  • Brand & Model(s)

    Cusa Selector

  • OEM Reference(s)

    Cusa 1523000M2

  • Frequency

    24 kHz

  • standard repair and quality test
  • total repair, case replacement and quality test
RCA230M2 Repair Cusa handpiece

RCA230M2 is a repair service for the Cusa handpiece. This handpiece operates on the principle of the piezoelectric effect. When crystals are subjected to an electrical field, they expand and contract in direct proportion to that electrical field converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. In general, a handpiece will break down after approximately 500 procedures because of crystals cracked, cord wire damage, connector damage, tip damage, jammed needles or clogged aspiration port.